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Announced Secrets

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Art and Creation, creation of art.

There is something hidden in between passion.

Is it the willingness to gossip to ones self about their ability to create?

To brag to their hearts’ desires that one has the ability to reach them.


Why should it be so painful to share your dreams.

Why should they say that once shared, the dreams will most likely not materialise!

I have heard this a number of times and well to an extent, it might be true!

But to what extent are we going to conceive this blurred truth.


In my understanding, it is as true as the person who believes it is.

Many of the people who believe this are simply afraid of losing; scared of failing!

The beauty with art is its perfect in the imperfection of error and mistake.

Every stroke is a mistake, every error is itself a creation, and every mistake is an idea unimagined.


So go out there I say.

Throw down the gauntlet and follow me on the journey of imagination.

For every thing from within is hidden until is surfaces, and when it does,

it carries originality with it to the surface.

* Alvin Jém’s, 2016. London, UK.

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