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Hearts through arts

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This initiative of students at Central Saint Martins is looking for collaborations, so if you are interested in the theme have a say and share your work.

Bullying is something everyone has experienced at some point in their life, as a victim, bully, defender or bystander. Popular culture casts a negative spotlight on bullies as being bad people, but is this really the case? As human beings, don’t we all have the capacity for both good and bad?

As a part of an arts-based initiative, we invite you to flip negativity on its head and create an original work of art highlighting the good within people, to generate compassion towards the bully.

The piece of art can be anything – a sketch, poster, painting, sculpture, poem, short story, piece of music, or any other medium you may want to use; it just needs to be your own creation. For the purpose of this project we request you to please respond within 48 hours, and send it to us at

If you are posting the output on your social media profiles, kindly use the hashtag #heartsthrougharts for us to be able to track this better. We may also create a social media movement out of this project as the next step, so do let us know if you would like to continue your association with this initiative.



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